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Our major product lines are metal component stamping, aluminum & Zamak die casting, lost wax casting, zinc and copper machine work.all kinds of machine processing and metal assembly work . Plastic injection process .Our business is mainly in two fields: First: We provide whole products which are ready for retail. In this line of products we have developed door hooks, air conditioner brackets, movable wall and so on .Second: We provide metal and plastic parts or fittings for our customers according to their drawings or samples. For this we have engineers and a mould workshop to maintain high quality and short lead time.Features:1) Competitive price: By taking advantage of China's low labor costs, our price is generally 20% - 40% lower than the international market price.2) High quality: our engineers and staff are well trained in quality control process.3) Short lead time: We can offer samples of simple machining within 7 - 10 days, and samples that need casting or stamping tooling within 20 days.4) Excellent service: our manager is fluent in English and knows the technology involved. We will take good care of your requirements, and translate all the technical drawings and specifications into Chinese, and follow up carefully. Our mission is to help our international customers reduce their purchase costs by 20% - 40% with our high quality components from China, to increase our customers' profit level and market competitiveness significantly.We look forward to receiving your drawings or samples, and we will enjoy creating new moulds for you.