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Team Management Our technical and management team are engaged in this industry more than 10 years, alone in terms of server power PC power supply output connection Wire, terminal wiring harness, we can offer the satisfaction design in short time, Wire terminal housing wafer tube material and assembly options genuine goods at a fair price, Products will be ok at the first time, we will never make mistakes if chances are given. Scale of Production: There are 6 Sets Automatic Single Wire stripping Terminal Machines, 4 Sets double headed Machine, 8 Sets Wire Computer Cutting Machines, dozens of Terminal Crimping machine & testing Machines. Machines and employees can be increased to meet customer's order. Our products sell well in home and abroad such as South Korea, Japan, Britain, Germany, United States etc. Products: 1. Server Power wire harness, LED Lamp Wire, Computer Fan Wire, Connecting Wire, Extension Wire etc. 2. PC Power Supply Wire Harness: (1). 20+4P/PCI 6P/PCI 6+2P/PCI 8P, IDC, SATA Cable, IDE, 12V 4P, connection wire etc. (2). Male to Female Terminal wire/Male to Male extended power adapter wire, External Plug Power Adapter etc. (3). Overall Woven Sleeving Computer Supply Wire Harness, Connection Wire, Terminal Wire Harness etc. 3. The others, such as automotive wiring harness, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, medical and other terminal wire harness, cable, connector wire. 4. OEM& ODM can be accepted by sample, drawings, specifications etc.